MTM Pre-Visit Checklist
To ensure that we have everything we need to process your return, please make sure that you bring everything that applies to your individual return.
OK, here’s the short list:
  1. Form W-2 – we need all the forms. If you are missing a W-2, contact your employer.
  2. Pension or Retirement income – Form 1099-R
  3. Unemployment Income – Form 1099-G
  4. A copy of last year’s Federal, State, & any applicable City tax returns – only if you’re a new client to MTM
  5. Self-Employed Business Income – Form 1099-Misc. (Don’t forget all of your expenses!)
  6. Child Care Expenses & Provider Information (name, address, & tax ID number)
  7. Landlord’s name and address and what you paid for rent per month last year
  8. Direct Deposit Information – If you want your refund direct deposited, please bring a voided check.
Here’s the rest of the list - see if anything applies to your situation!
  1. Interest and Dividend Income – Form 1099-Int / Form 1099-Div
  2. State Income Tax Refund – Form 1099-G
  3. Sales of Stocks or Bonds – Form 1099-B. In addition to the 1099-B, we need the stock basis (what you paid) and the date the stock was originally purchased.
  4. Social Security Income - Form SSA-1099
  5. Lottery or Gambling Winnings – Form W-2 G. (Don’t forget any gambling losses!)
  6. Alimony paid or received – If you paid alimony, we need the recipients’ Soc. Sec. number
  7. Income and Expenses from Rental properties
  8. Farm Income and Expenses
  9. Mortgage, Refinance, or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid – Form 1098
  10. Real Estate Taxes Paid
  11. Personal Property taxes paid (e.g. cars and boats)
  12. Sales Tax Paid (e.g. cars and boats)
  13. Medical Expenses (doctors, dentists, eye care, prescriptions, hospital, etc)
  14. Medical and Charitable “mileage”
  15. Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations – If non-cash contribution that exceeds $500, we need the name, address, and Federal ID number for the organization that received the donation.
  16. Educator Expense – Money spent out-of-pocket as a teacher
  17. Tuition and Education Fees – Form 1098-T
  18. Student Loan Interest – Form 1098-E
  19. Estimated tax payment amounts – Form 1040-ES. Please include the dates paid. Don’t forget any state and local estimates paid!
  20. Moving Expenses
  21. IRA Contributions
  22. Income and Expenses from Partnerships, S-Corporations, Trusts, and Estates – Schedule K-1
  23. And lastly, any form that says “Do not throw away, Important Tax Document!”