Drop-Off Service

Life is hectic, and we know you are pressed for time. That is why we created our convenient Drop-Off Service. If you don’t have time to wait in the office, take advantage of our Drop-Off Service!
With the Drop-Off Service, you will need to complete our Client Information Sheet and leave all of your tax documents with us. We will complete the return and call you when it’s ready. We guarantee that a preparer will work on the return within 24 hours of you dropping it off, and it will be ready to pick up within 48 hours. If we need additional information, we will contact you within the 24 hours to explain what we are missing. Please make sure you give us all of your phone numbers and e-mail address so we can easily contact you.
Once finished, you will need to come in and sign the paperwork before we can electronically file the return. It’s that easy!
The MTM Challenge
Every year, millions of taxpayers overpay their income taxes because they don’t take advantage of deductions, credits, and other tax benefits available to them. We’ll do a thorough review of your tax return……FOR FREE!
Now you may be thinking….I don’t have time to go sit at MTM, my day is busy! We understand. That’s why we offer this program with our Drop-Off Service. Simply bring your completed return by our office on your way home, your way to work…….and we’ll call you when it’s ready!
There is no cost for the service. We simply want to help you find mistakes and get more money in your pocket…..and win you as a customer. When we DO find an error, we’ll amend your return for just $50 – then give you a $25 discount off your service for the next year! If we don’t find a mistake, there is no charge for the review. So you have all this work done…….for FREE! You have nothing to lose!
At MTM Bookkeeping, we don’t want to help you just when you file a tax return or need payroll services. We want to be a source of information you can depend on for guidance regarding taxation, finance, and investing……throughout the year. To accomplish that, we e-mail you our newsletter several times during the year. We bet this information will help reduce your tax burden, and make you a smarter consumer in every respect! 
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