Referrals Program

MTM Referral Program

Earn Quick Cash and Discounts Referral Program
As if you needed another reason to come to MTM! Hey, we will pay you CASH or give you a discount towards your own tax prep services just for sending clients our way!
The MTM Referral Program offers you a quick and easy way to save money during these difficult economic times! You can earn yourself $480.00 by referring your friends and family to MTM Bookkeeping!
Here’s how easy it is………….
Step 1. Go to our Coupon Sign Up page, sign in, and print several of the coupons. Keep them in your wallet or purse. When you’re at work or talking with your friends and family simply ask them, “Have you filed your taxes yet? If not, here’s a $25 off coupon you can use at MTM Bookkeeping!”
Referring everyone to MTM is a great deal for your friends and family as well as you. They’ll be so grateful because you are offering them a discount that far exceeds our competitors. You can rest assured that they will receive great, personalized service, and our tax preparers will hunt for every deduction they are entitled to receive!
Step 2. When your friends come to MTM to file their taxes, YOU get $23 off of your tax preparation, or $23 CASH in the mail for each NEW customer…AND your friend receives a $25 discount off our already low fees – remember we’re lower than those national chains! It’s that easy!
If you refer just five friends who then become NEW MTM customers, we will pay you a bonus of $50 on TOP of the $23 each you’ve already received. Once you refer just 10 friends who become NEW MTM customers, we will pay you a bonus of $200 on top of everything else you’ve earned.
Five Referrals – 5 referrals x $23=$115 + $50 BONUS = $165
Ten Referrals – 10 referrals x $23=$230 + $50 BONUS + $200 BONUS = $480!
WOW! Talk about a great way to earn some CASH! Print those coupons and get talking to your friends, neighbors, and family!